Shipping container bars

Fleet Containers: Elevating the Bar Experience with Shipping Container Bars


Fleet Containers is a leading provider of shipping container bars, specialising in the transformation of containers into trendy and innovative bars. With our expertise in container modifications and commitment to creating unique social spaces, we offer an exciting platform for entrepreneurs and bar owners to bring their vision to life.

Shipping container bars have gained popularity in recent years as an innovative and cost-effective way to create vibrant and memorable drinking establishments. These repurposed containers offer a versatile and customisable  space that allows for the development of stylish and immersive bar experiences.

One of the key advantages of shipping container bars is their adaptability. With a range of container sizes and configurations available, we can help you design a bar that perfectly suits your vision and concept. Whether you’re planning a cosy neighborhood pub, a trendy cocktail bar, or a lively beer garden, our team of experts can transform the container into a functional and visually appealing drinking destination that stands out from the crowd.

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