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Fleet Containers: Versatile Storage Solutions with High Cube Shipping Containers

Fleet Containers is a leading provider of innovative shipping container solutions, and we are proud to offer high cube shipping containers to meet your storage needs. Our high cube containers provide an additional vertical space compared to standard containers, allowing for more storage capacity and versatility. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver reliable and customisable  storage solutions that maximise your available space and ensure the safe and secure storage of your goods.

High cube shipping containers are designed to offer increased internal height, making them ideal for storing tall or oversised items. These containers have an additional foot in height compared to standard containers, providing more flexibility and convenience in storage. Whether you need to store machinery, equipment, furniture, or any other items that require extra vertical space, our high cube containers offer the perfect solution.

At Fleet Containers, we offer a range of high cube shipping containers that are built to the highest industry standards. Our containers are constructed from durable steel and are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and long-term storage. They feature secure locking mechanisms and weatherproof seals to protect your goods from theft, damage, and the elements.

The benefits of choosing high cube shipping containers from Fleet Containers are numerous. Here are some key advantages:

Increased Storage Capacity: High cube containers offer approximately 1 foot of additional height compared to standard containers. This extra space allows you to store taller items or stack goods more efficiently, maximising your storage capacity.

Versatility: With their increased height, high cube containers are suitable for a wide range of storage needs. From industrial equipment and construction materials to household items and retail inventory, these containers can accommodate various goods, making them highly versatile for different industries.

Convenience: The additional vertical space in high cube containers makes it easier to load and unload items, especially those with significant height. The extra headroom also provides a more comfortable working environment for personnel accessing the container.

Secure Storage: Our high cube containers are designed with security in mind. They are equipped with sturdy locking mechanisms and are made from strong and durable materials to protect your goods from theft and vandalism. Additionally, the weatherproof seals ensure that your items remain protected from moisture and other environmental elements.

Customisation Options: We understand that each storage requirement is unique, and we offer customisation options to tailor the high cube containers to your specific needs. Whether you require additional doors, shelving, lighting, or ventilation, our team of experts can modify the containers to optimise their functionality for your storage purposes.

Fleet Containers ensures the highest quality in our high cube shipping containers. We work with reputable container manufacturers and employ skilled technicians who are experienced in container modifications. Our containers undergo rigorous quality checks and testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Additionally, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. We can assist you in selecting the right high cube container for your specific storage needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide guidance on the proper handling and maintenance of the containers.

Choose Fleet Containers for your high cube shipping container needs. Contact us today to discuss your storage requirements, and let us provide you with a reliable and customisable  solution that maximises your storage capacity and ensures the safekeeping of your goods. Trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional container solutions for your business or organisation.

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