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Fleet Containers: Efficient and Secure Storage with Half Height Shipping Containers


Fleet Containers is a leading provider of innovative shipping container solutions, and we are proud to offer half height shipping containers to meet your unique storage requirements. Our half height containers are designed with a reduced height, making them ideal for storing heavy and dense materials that are difficult to handle in standard containers. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver reliable and customisable  storage solutions that optimise efficiency and ensure the safe storage of your goods.


Half height shipping containers are specifically designed for the transportation and storage of heavy bulk materials, such as ores, coal, gravel, and other dense commodities. These containers feature a lower height while maintaining the standard width and length, allowing for easy loading and unloading of heavy materials using cranes or other lifting equipment. The reduced height ensures that the center of gravity remains low, enhancing stability during transportation.


At Fleet Containers, we offer a range of half height shipping containers that are built to the highest industry standards. Our containers are constructed from durable steel and are designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. They feature reinforced floors and robust locking mechanisms to ensure the safe containment of your materials.


The benefits of choosing half height shipping containers from Fleet Containers are numerous. Here are some key advantages:


Efficient Loading and Unloading: The reduced height of half height containers simplifies the loading and unloading process for heavy and dense materials. Cranes and other lifting equipment can easily access the container, making it faster and more efficient to handle bulky goods.


Increased Stability: The lower center of gravity in half height containers enhances stability during transportation. This is especially beneficial when shipping heavy materials that require a secure and balanced container to prevent accidents or shifting of cargo.


Enhanced Security: Our half height containers are designed with security in mind. They feature robust locking mechanisms that provide a high level of protection against unauthorised access, theft, and vandalism. Additionally, the durable construction of the containers ensures that your materials remain secure and intact during storage and transportation.


Customisation Options: We understand that different storage requirements may call for specific modifications. At Fleet Containers, we offer customisation options for our half height containers to meet your unique needs. Whether you require additional ventilation, drainage systems, or specialised flooring, our team of experts can modify the containers to optimise their functionality for your storage purposes.


Durable and Reliable: Our half height containers are constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your materials remain protected from the elements. The reinforced floors are designed to handle the weight of dense materials, providing long-lasting durability.


Fleet Containers ensures the highest quality in our half height shipping containers. We work with reputable container manufacturers and employ skilled technicians who are experienced in container modifications. Our containers undergo rigorous quality checks and testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and durability.


Additionally, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. We can assist you in selecting the right half height container for your specific storage needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide guidance on the proper handling and maintenance of the containers.


Choose Fleet Containers for your half height shipping container needs. Contact us today to discuss your storage requirements, and let us provide you with an efficient and secure solution that optimises the handling of heavy materials and ensures the safe storage of your goods. Trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional container solutions for your business or organisation.


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